Grow your social or environmental enterprise

You’ve established your social enterprise or cleantech company.
Maybe it’s all ticking along nicely. But you’d like to grow.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to take your business to the next level. So whether your challenge is attracting more clients, finding the finance or scaling up your systems, our business advisors are on hand to give you expert guidance.

Through our fully funded Business Growth and Development Programme qualifying participants can access 12 hours of free time with one of our expert advisors who will listen to your story and help you identify a plan to grow. Even more, we have developed strong relationships with specialists all over Cambridge with whom who we can connect you for further support in specific business functions. No matter what, we’ll always make sure you get the tailored support you need to grow strong.

Consider participating in our Business Growth and Development Programme where you can receive 12 hours of free business coaching to start or improve your social or cleantech enterprise.

See if you qualify and register your interest today.