Success Stories

“Future Business was totally invaluable. Microgenius couldn’t be where it is today without their unwavering support. Microgenius was incorporated, formed a business plan, received funding and press coverage due to the help of Future Business; a start-up can’t ask for any more than that!”

Emily Mackay, Microgenius

“Future Business has opened my eyes to the opportunities around me and how to grasp anything that comes my way. They have changed my life and can do with any aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Katrina Bell, Katrina’s Crackin’ Cakes

We at The Agile Workshop enjoyed being tenants at Future Business. The environment brought colour into our boring geeky world of software. We were constantly surprised at the diverse set of interesting people that we bumped into through the corridors and at the regular lunch-time meetings.

We spent some time in serviced offices before coming to Future Business which were nice and tidy – but just felt clinical; Future Business gave us a flexible and dynamic environment that worked with us to help us forge on in our endeavours.

Ronnie Barker, The Agile Workshop

“Future Business is great – affordable, friendly and supportive; fantastic mix of tenants, great networking opportunities, helpful advice from experienced advisors. What more could you want?!”

Rosemary Randall, Cambridge Carbon Footprint

“Renting an office from Future Business has allowed us to have a real base for our work out in the community. Not only do we have space for meetings and for our materials and resources but by being part of a group of other organisations, social enterprises and charities all using the building, you really do get the feeling that you are part of a larger and growing movement, one which puts people at the centre of its work rather than money.”

Nanette Mellor, Mencap

“We have been delighted and stimulated by meeting the variety of tenants here at the Social Enterprise Centre. It has encouraged a climate of sharing skills and expertise. And we all seem to be ‘nurtured’ by the Future Business team. It is a warm, friendly atmosphere and help and advice is always forthcoming. Our door is always ‘open’ and I think it is much the same for other groups here. We are extremely grateful for the support we have received, both formally and informally, which has encouraged us to diversify our work.”

Jenny Cusack, Classworks Theatre

“The flexible and affordable space for creative businesses like mine was such a valuable find in Cambridge. Future Business have been incredibly helpful and supportive and I’m sure that I would not have been able to achieve my business goals, if it was not for the unique space being available.”

Pali Rao, Freelance Photographer

“It’s great to be sharing space with such a diverse range of enterprises and creative endeavors. There’s always a friendly smile, the shared areas are clean and appropriately provisioned! Our clients particularly appreciate the friendly atmosphere of the centre. You have given us free hotdesking space for three months to help us get started and now the rent on our first proper space is very affordable. Also we’re part of the High Growth Programme and looking forward to seeing how that helps us to develop.”

Kirsten Lavers, FLACK magazine

“Squeaky Gate couldn’t have developed so quickly without the support of Future Business. They have given us the opportunity to provide the local Cambridge community with a fantastic resource: a community recording studio and a space for us to run the organisation and our courses. Our premises in Norfolk Street are at an affordable cost and we have been given valuable support to get things up and running. Being a Future Business tenant is being part of a creative family of social enterprise and we have already benefited from this by working with our neighbour enterprises.”

Jane Rich, Squeaky Gate